I am a disobedient slave, where is thy mercy ?
My heart is dark—where is thy light & clearness ?
If, for thy service, thou givest me heaven,
This is a reward, and thy gifts— where are they ?


Chr 92

I am a disobedient servant; where are the means of pleasing Thee?
In the treasure of my heart where is Thy light and clearness?
If Thou givest us Paradise as a reward for our obedience, it is a mere bargain.
What then becomes of Thy mercy and beneficence?

F4 81

Oh Thou, who Man of baser Earth didst make,
And ev'n with Paradise devise the Snake:
For all the Sin wherewith the Face of Man
Is blacken'd--Man's forgiveness give--and take!

HA 81b

I am an disobedient slave, where is Thy mercy?
My heart is dark, where is Thy light and clearness?
If, for serving Thee, Thou givest me heaven,
This a reward, but Thy grace and Thy gifts - where are they?

Nic 91

Je suis un eselave révolté : où est ta volonté.? J'ai le cœur noir de péchés: où est ta lumière, où est ton contrôle? Si tu n'accordes le paradis qu'à notre obéissance (à tes lois), c'est une dette dont tu t'acquittes, et dans ce cas que deviennent ta bienveillance et ta miséricorde?

P 211

A slave in revolt am I: Thy clemency, where is it?
Dark-hearted I am: the light of Thy purity, where is it?
If in return for obedience Thou proffer us Paradise,
This is but barter: Thy grace and Thy bounty free, where is it?

Th 141

I 'm a rebellious slave, Thy mercy show !
Make my dark soul all Thy pure light to know!
If Heaven Thou giv'st us for obedience,
A wage 'tis, where 's the bounty Thou 'd bestow?

Wh 93

I drown in sin - show me Thy clemency!
My soul is dark - make me Thy light to see!
A heaven that must be earned by painful works,
I call a wage, not a gift fair and free.

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