Your lust remains certain as with the house-dog,
No prayer comes from it, save a noise in an empty space,
Its nature is foxlike and it sleeps like a hare
It is terrible as a tiger and vicious as a wolf.


Nic 58

Ta passion, homme, ressemble en tout à un chien de maison; il n'en sort que des sons creux. Elle contient la ruse du renard, elle procure le sommeil du lièvre, elle réunit en elle la rage du tigre et la voracité du loup.

P 216

Like the dog of the house, [O reviler,] in sooth is thy spright;
Empty clamour and turmoil is all that it yields day and night:
Fox-fashion it showeth, to boot, and it giveth hare-sleep;
The wolfs falseness and slyness it hath and the panther's despite.

Th 103

Thy spirit to a house-dog's well compares,
'T is empty clamor that for naught else cares;
It has the tiger's rage and wolfish craft,
'T is fox-like and it gives the sleep of hares.

Wh 61

Men's lusts, like house-dogs, still the house distress
With clamour, barking for mere wantonness;
Foxes are they, and sleep the sleep of hares;
Crafty as wolves, as tigers pitiless.

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