There is no one whose liver is not full of blood by reason of thy departure
There is no one who is not enlightened by your ecstasy
Nevertheless there is no one from whom you desire profit
There is no soul that seeks not to derive profit from you.


Nic 36

Il n'y a point de coeur que ton absence n'ait meurtri jusqu'au
sang; il n'y a point d'être clairvoyant qui ne soit épris de tes charmes enchanteurs, et, bien qu'il n'existe dans ton esprit aucun souci pour personne, il n'y a personne qui ne soit préoccupé de toi.

P 217

Heart-ableed for thy sev'rance no wight is that is not;
Distraught for thee none of insight is that is not;
Albeit thou reck'st not of any one's longing,
Full of longing for thee not a spright is that is not.

Th 76

No heart but bleeds at severance from Thee,
For Thee distraught are all who clearly see;
And though Thou heed'st not any man's desire,
There 's none that longeth not with Thee to be!

Wh 40

No heart is there, but bleeds when torn from Thee,
No sight so clear but craves Thy face to see;
And though perchance Thou carest not for them,
No soul is there, but pines with care for Thee.

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