Where are the minstrel & the wine that I may do justice to the morning draught
Pleasant is the time when the heart remembers the morning draught
For me there are three things in the world that one must attain
Drunkenness, love & the clamour of the dawn-draught.


Nic 104

Où sont donc les danseurs? Où est le vin? Vite, que je fasse honneur à la gourde! Heureux le cœur qui se souvient du vin du ma matin! Oh! il existe en ce monde trois choses qui me sont chères:

P 234

Ho, minstrel and wine, that I may cry the Cry of the morning!
Fair fall the wight who is mindful the cup to ply of the morning!
Three things there be in the world that to us, indeed, are needful:
Wine and a wench, to fill, and the wailing sigh of the morning.

Th 678

Where 's minstrel, wine? The cry of morn that I
May give. He 's glad who doth the dawn-draught ply.
There are three things in this world sweet to me,
A head wine-flown, sweetheart and morning cry.

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