My soul is devoted to him who is worthy of it
If I lay my head in his footsteps, the earth will seem soft
It may be that you know for certain what is hell
Hell-upon-earth is the society of unworthy people.


P 247

My life the sacrifice of any man of worth is;
If at his feet my head I lay, it of my dearth is:
If what Hell is, indeed, thou fain wouldst know for certain;
The commerce of the base, I tell thee, Heil on earth is.

Th 834

My life a good man's sacrifice shall be,
I 'd lay my head at his feet readily.
If you would know for certain what is Hell,
A Hell on earth is evil company.

Wh 232

To please the righteous life itself I sell,
And, though they tread me down, never rebel;
Men say, "Inform us what and where is hell?"
Ill company will make this earth a hell.

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