The heaven-born genius knows all secrets
For he knows hair by hair & vein by vein
I admit that you may deceive mortal blindness
(But) what can you do against Him who knows us all one by one.


P 256

Th' Allwise, thy secrets all, both joy and pain, He knoweth;
Thy body, hair by hair and vein by vein, He knoweth:
Grant with hypocrisy the folk thou may'st inveigle.
How wilt thou do with Him, since heart and brain He knoweth?

Th 623

The Heavenly Sage thy secrets all doth see,
Doth, hair by hair and vein by vein, know thee.
Grant with deceit that men thou may'st beguile,
How deal with Him since all things knoweth He?

Wh 177

The heavenly Sage, whose wit exceeds compare,
Counteth each vein, and numbereth every hair;
Men you may cheat by hypocritic arts,
But how cheat Him to whom all hearts are bare?

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