Wine-worshippers know the condition of roses and wine
Misers and the miserly do not know it
The ignorant are forgiven for their ignorance
There is pleasure in this debauchery which drunkards know.


Nic 141

Les buveurs seuls savent apprécier le langage des roses et du vin, et non les faibles de cœur ou les pauvres d'esprit. Ceux qui n'ont point idée de ce qui est occulte, leur ignorance est pardonnable, car les ivrognes seuls sont susceptibles de goûter les délices que comporte un tel ordre de choses.

P 238

None but the toper the worth of rose and of wine knoweth;
No straitheart or puckfist this mystery all-divine knoweth:
In the ignorant man excusable ignorance is;
In wine a delight is the drunkard only, in fine, knoweth.

Th 622

The worth of rose and wine sots know alone.
To narrow hearts, close fists it is not shown
Excusable in fools is ignorance,
The joy of these delights to sots is known.

Wh 164

Wine's power is known to wine-bibbers alone,
To narrow heads and hearts 'tis never shown;
I blame not them who never felt its force,
For, till they feel it, how can it be known?

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