My creation was of no profit to the heavenly sphere
And by my extinction naught will be added to its beauty & dignity
Neither from anyone have my two ears heard
What is the object of this my coming & going.


Chr 94

To Heaven it was of no profit to bring me hither, and
to take me away could not increase its magnificence and dignity.
Nor have my two ears ever heard from anyone for
what reason it brings me and takes me away.

F4 47

When You and I behind the Veil are past,
Oh, but the long, long while the World shall last,
Which of our Coming and Departure heeds
As the Sea's self should heed a pebble-cast.

HA 47b

My coming was of no profit to the heavenly sphere,
And by my departure nothing will be added to its beauty and dignity.

Nic 157

Ce monde n'a retiré aucun avantage de ma venue ici-bas. Sa gloire et sa dignité n'ont également rien gagné à mon départ. Mes deux oreilles n'ont jamais entendu dire à personne pourquoi l'on m'y a fait venir, pourquoi l'on m'en fait sortir.

P 239

The bringing me hither profited nought to the Sphere,
Nor its glory 's increased by the hearing me off from here.
Nay, for what is my bringing hither and carrying hence
From any that liveth my ears could never hear.

Th 228

My coming brought no profit to the sky,
My going adds not to its majesty
Or pomp, from none have my two ears e'er heard.
Coming or going, the true reason why.

Wh 176

My coming brought no profit to the sky,
Nor does my going swell its majesty;
Coming and going put me to a stand,
Ear never heard their wherefore nor their why.

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