This assembly of the rich who hold high positions
Are wearied with anxiety & sorrow about their own souls.
There is no one who is so much the slave of avarice as they
And of surprise that all men are not like them.


Nic 126

Ces nombreux grands seigneurs, si fiers de leurs titres, sont tellement rongés par les soucis et le chagrin que l'existence leur est à charge. C'est qu'il y a de plus plaisant, c'est qu'ils ne daignent pas appeler du nom d'hommes ceux qui ne sont point comme eux esclaves des passions.

P 390

Live blithe, for the time, it is writ, shall e'en be
When earth in earth hid, every whit, shall e'en be:
Yea, drink nor take thought to the cark of the world:
For the world let those care who in it shall e'en be!'

Th 200

Strange all these nobles who high honors have.
In pain and grief of their lives quittance crave.
And yet they hardly reckon as a man
Him who unlike them is not Passion's slave.

Wh 153

'Tis passing strange, those titled noblemen
Find their own lives a burden sore, but when
They meet with poorer men, not slaves to sense,
They scarcely deign to reckon them as men.

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