Although the world may be decorated for your eyes
Do not agitate yourself, for the wise see it (also)
(There are) those who twist their destinies around your feet,
(But) many like you depart, & many others come.


Chr 17

If they adorn the world for thy benefit, strive not after
such things, after which wise men do not strive.
Many like thyself are going, and many are coming.
Snatch thy share, for [some day] they will snatch thee away.

P 253

Though to thine eyes the Fates make fair the world, give heed
Unto a saw wherein the wise are all agreed:
Thy portion seize of life, before Fate seize on thee,
For many go, yet new, and others still succeed.

Th 698

Although the Fates make earth fair to thine eyes,
There is one view wherein agree the wise;
Ere They take thee, thy share take, for like thee
Many depart, many will come likewise!

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