No one who is firm will make abjuration
From wine that is like the Water of Life
If anyone abjures during Ramazan
God grant that he may also have freedom from prayers


Nic 135

Quiconque a de la constance ne renoncera pas à boire du vin, car le vin renferme en soi la vertu de l'eau de la vie. Si quelqu'un y renonce durant le mois de rèmèzan, qu'il s'abstienne au moins de l'obligation des prières.

P 314

When Fore-eternal Love my being first created,
Even from the first to me Love's lesson it dictated;
Ay, and of this my heart's scrap-metal base the key
Unto the treasuries of Vision It created.

Th 430

The man of spirit, wine renounces ne'er.
The wine that to Life's water doth compare,
In Ramazan if one needs must abstain,
At least let it be abstinence from prayer.

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