Since eternity itself was, he created me
From the first he dictated to me the study of love
At that time a small filing of me may become transmuted
A key of the treasury he may make efficacious


F4 76

The Vine had struck a fibre: which about
If clings my Being--let the Dervish flout;
Of my Base metal may be filed a Key
That shall unlock the Door he howls without.

HA 76

Since Eternity itself was He created me,
From the first he dictated to me the lesson of love,
At that time a small filing of the dust of my heart.
He made into a key of the treasure-house of substance.

L 310

When Venus ruled the Heavens my lot was cast,
And from the first the part I played set fast;
Yet shall the shattered remnants of my heart
Prove key to wisdom's treasure-house at last.

P 314

When Fore-eternal Love my being first created,
Even from the first to me Love's lesson it dictated;
Ay, and of this my heart's scrap-metal base the key
Unto the treasuries of Vision It created.

Th 511

When Love Eternal first my being wrought.
Love's lesson from the very first He taught;
The filings of my heart's dust made a key
Then for the treasures of immortal thought!

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