That day that they saddled the wild horses of the sun
And (that) they settled the laws of Parwin & Mushtari
This was the destiny decreed for me from the divan
What sins are my destiny these shall I do


F4 75

I tell you this--When, started from the Goal,
Over the flaming shoulders of the Foal
Of Heav'n Parwin and Mushtari they flung,
In my predestined Plot of Dust and Soul.

HA 75

On that day when they saddled the wild horses of the Sun,
And settled the laws of Parwín and Mushtarí,
This was the lot decreed for me from the Diwan of Fate:
How can I sin? (my sins) are what Fate allotted me as my portion.

Nic 110

Le jour où ce coursier céleste d'étoiles d'or fut sellé, où là planète de Jupiter et les Pléiades furent créées, dès ce jour le divan du destin fixa notre sort. En quoi sommes-nous done coupables, puisque telle est la part qu'on nous a faite?

P 259

What time for the race of yore Heaven's coursers yare THEY made,
When Mushteri and Perwín to hang i' the air THEY made,
This portion of ours was written in Heaven's chancery:
Marry, what blame, then, is ours, since this to our share THEY made?

Th 187

The Day They girthed the coursers of the sky,
The Pleiads decked and Jupiter on high,
This lot of ours was writ in Fate's divan.
Why blame us since Heaven wrought our destiny?

Wh 140

When Allah yoked the courses of the sun,
And launched the Pleiades their race to run,
My lot was fixed in fate's high chancery;
Then why blame me for wrong that fate has done?

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