On the day when the rewards of all will be drawn up
Your fate will be according to what is known of you
Strive after beautiful actions for on the day of doom
Your resurrection will be according yo the manner of your qualities.

P 280

That day when retribution of every kind will be,
According to thy merits thy fate assigned will be;
For excellence endeavour, for on the Judgment Day
E'en as thine actions, surely, thy doom thou'It find will be.

Th 275

On that Day when reward in each degree
Will be. They as thy wisdom will rate thee;
For goodness strive, for on the Judgment Day
Thy rising will be as thy quality.

Wh 288

Tell one by one my scanty virtues o'er;
As for my sins, forgive them by the score;
Let not my faults kindle Thy wrath to flame;
By blest Mohammed's tomb, forgive once more!

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