There is no increase in your empire from my service
Nor is there decrease in it from my past revolt
It is acknowledge that you will pardon these & not seize me
Seizing tardily & pardoning suddenly.


Nic 148

Ton empire a-t-il gagné en splendeur par mon obéissance (ô Dieu!), et mes péchés ont-ils retranché quelque chose de ton immensité? Pardonne, Dieu, ne punis pas, car, je le sais, tu punis tard et tu pardonnes tôt.

P 245

By mine obedience nought is added unto Thee,
Nor disobedience past abates Thy majesty:
Pay, then, nor take again, so known, indeed, it be
That quick Thou art to pay and slow to take Thy fee.

Th 221

Naught adds my service to Thy majesty.
And my past sin abateth naught from Thee;
Then pardon and retract not since I know
Thou 'rt slow to blame and swift in clemency.

Wh 169

What adds my service to Thy majesty?
Or how can sin of mine dishonor Thee?
O pardon, then, and punish not, I know
Thou'rt slow to wrath, and prone to clemency.

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