That cup-maker who makes the cups of our heads
In the cup the maker made manifest his own earth
Over the table of our existence he placed an inverted cup
And he makes that inverted cup full of profit.


P 273

Yon Maker of bowls, the bowl of the costard whó made,
In making of bowls His skill apparent to view made:
He set the bowl upside down on the board of our being,
And thus inverted, it full of passion's brew made.

Th 276

The Bowl-maker who our head-bowls hath made,
Thus doing His own qualities portrayed;
One He inverted o'er our being's board
And to that head-bowl passion He did add.

Wh 229

What adds my service to Thy majesty?
Or how can sin of mine dishonor Thee?
O pardon, then, and punish not, I know
Thou'rt slow to wrath, and prone to clemency.

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