Ere that fate makes an attack upon thy head
Give orders that they bring thee rose-coloured wine;
Thou art not treasure, O, heedless dunce! that thee
They hide in the earth and then dig up again.


Bodl 68

Ere that fate makes assault upon thy head,
give orders that they bring thee rose-coloured wine;
thou art not treasure, O heedless dunce, that thee
they hide in the earth and then dig up again.

F4 15

And those who husbanded the Golden grain,
And those who flung it to the winds like Rain,
Alike to no such aureate Earth are turn'd
As, buried once, Men want dug up again.

Chr 7

Before a night-attack is made upon my head, order
them to bring rose-coloured wine.
Thou are not gold, o heedless fool, that they should
hide thee in the earth and dig thee up again.

Nic 165

Ô idole! avant que le chagrin vienne t'assaillir, ordonne de nous servir du vin couleur de rose. Tu n'es pas d'or, toi, ô insouciant imbécile! pour croire qu'après t'avoir enfoui dans la terre on t'en retirera.

P 281

Ere fate on thee fall like a thief in the gloom.
Call for wine of the hue of the rose in full bloom.
Art thou gold, O thou heedless know-nothing, that thee
They should bury and after dig up from earth's womb?

Th 227

Ere you the blows of darkling Fate sustain
Bid them to bring you rose-hued wine to drain;
You are not gold, O heedless dolt, that men
Hide you in earth and then dig up again!

Wh 175

Ere you succumb to shocks of mortal pain,
The rosy grape-juice from your wine-cup drain.
You are not gold, that, hidden in the earth,
Your friends should care to dig you up again!

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