They say that there will be heaven & houris & black-eyed virgins
And that there will be pure wine & honey
If I desire wine & sweethearts, they are lawful
Since there will be the end of all things.


Chr 4

They say; there will be a paradise and black-eyed
maidens, and in that place there will be wine and milk and honey.
Therefore we ought not to be without wine and beloved
ones, seeing that things will be the same after death.

Nic 168

On assure qu'il y aura un paradis peuplé de houris, qu'on y trouvera du vin limpide et du miel. Il nous est donc permis d'aimer le vin et les femmes ici-bas, car notre fin ne doit-elle pas aboutir à cela?

P 288

They say that in Heaven girls black of eyne will be,
That there pure honey and unmixed wine will be:
If wine and wanton we worship, 't is lawful, then,
Since the end of the matter the same, in fine, will be.

Th 233

In Heaven, they say, dwell dark-eyed Houris fair,
And that pure wine and honey will be there;
If wine and woman we love here, 't is right
Since all the same 's the end of the affair.

Wh 185

In Paradise, they tell us, Houris dwell,
And fountains run with wine and oxymel:
If these be lawful in the world to come,
Surely 'tis right to love them here as well

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