They say that there will be heaven & the reservoir of Kausar
There there will be pure wine & honey & sugar
Fill the wine cup & place it in my hand
Cash is better than 1000 credits


HA 13b

They say that there will be heaven and the Fount of Kausar,
That there, there will be pure wine and honey and sugar,
F'ill up the wine-cup and place it in my hand,
(For) ready cash is better than a thousand credits.


Nic 169

On prétend qu'il existe un paradis où sont des houris, où coule le Kooucer, où se trouve du vin limpide, du miel, du sucre; oh! remplis vite une coupe de vin et mets-la moi en main, car uneve jouissance présente vaut mille jouissances futures!

P 300

They say that Heaven and Kauthir and Hour exist indeed,
That there is honeyed wine for the piëtist indeed;
Fill up the winecup, skinker; for better far for me
Than twenty birds in bush is one in fist indeed.

Th 478

Heaven, Houris, Kausar's fount exist, they say.
And there pure wine and honeyed sweets have they;
Fill up and pass the cup! For better cash
Than is a thousand promises to pay.

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