When the beloved of the soul has abandoned the house
All its furniture returns to its original uses
These silken strings of existence being worn
By the plectrum of fate become useless

F4 45

'Tis but a Tent where takes his one day's rest
A Sultán to the realm of Death addrest;
The Sultán rises, and the dark Ferrásh
Strikes, and prepares it for another Guest.

P 309

When the soul's house void of the bride within becometh,
Each part resolved to its origin becometh:
This ghittern of life, with the temperament for strings,
Untuned by the touch of Time's plucking-pin becometh.

Th 272

When the Soul's mistress doth depart this home.
Back to its origin each part doth come;
This lute of Life's four silken strings then from
The stroke of Fortune's bow untuned become.

Wh 225

When the fair soul this mansion doth vacate,
Each element assumes its primal state,
And all the silken furniture of life
Is then dismantled by the blows of fate.

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