Tomorrow when they award the recompenses of the ceremonially good
They will give a portion to me a distracted profligate
If I come out good I shall be reckoned from there (the good)
If I am bad I shall be rewarded with the bad of those.

P 363

What time to the lucky to-morrow the lot give THEY,
A portion to me, poor disconsolate sot, give THEY:
If I'm good, of the good let THEM count me; or else with the bad,
To me, then, forgiveness, if good I be not, give THEY!

Th 6

On that Day when the good rewards receive,
May I, a suppliant sot, a share derive!
Let the Fates count me with the good, if good.
Or with the bad, if bad, may They forgive!

Wh 238

Then, when the good reap fruits of labors past,
My hapless lot with drunkards will be cast;
If good, may I be numbered with the first,
If bad, find grace and mercy with the last.

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