We must be effaced from the Book of Existence.
We must be destroyed in the Hands of Destiny
Howsoever often your head rises superior to wisdom
In the end we must go beneath the dust.


Bodl 52

We must be effaced in the way of love,
we must be destroyed in the talons of destiny ;
O sweet-faced Cup-bearer, sit thou not idle,
give to me water, for dust I must become.

Chr 12

From the account-book of life we must be wiped out;
by the claw of death we must meet our ruin.
o sweet-faced Sáqi, do not sit idle, bring me the fluid.
for [one day] we must become dust.

Nic 112

Il faut que notre être soit effacé du livre de la vie, il nous faut expirer dans les bras de la mort. Ô charmant échanson, apporte-moi gaiement du liquide, apporte, puisqu'il faut devenir terre!

P 357

From the Book of Life effaced needs must we be;
By the hand of Doom laid waste needs must we be:
Skinker, thou moonface, our heart's delight, give wine,
For dust in the dust abased needs must we be.

Th 427

Our names from off the Scroll of Life erased.
We by the hand of Fate must be effaced;
O sweet-faced boy, bring water cheerfully,
For in the dust soon must we be abased!

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