I go, & after me the era remains confounded
With that that of 100 pearls not one remains threaded
Alas that 100,000 subtle questions
From the dullness of men remain unexpended


Nic 152

Nous voilà parti et le temps est attristé de notre départ; car de cent perles précieuses il n'y en a qu'une de percée. Hélas! c'est grâce à l'ignorance des hommes que cent mille idées d'un profond sont restées inexprimées.

P 377

We go and the age for us all undistressed abideth;
Pierced, of an hundred pearls, scarce one, at best, abideth;
A thousand fine conceits and thoughts an hundred thousand,
For the witlessness of the folk, each unexpressed abideth.

Th 225

When we depart the world is not distressed;
Nor one pierced of a hundred pearls possessed;
Alas! a hundred thousand subtle thoughts
From people's ignorance die unexpressed!

Wh 173

Soon shall I go, by time and fate deplored,
Of all my precious pearls not one is bored;
Alas! there die with me a thousand truths
To which these fools fit audience ne'er accord.

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