Those who are praised by old & new
Stand in the road with water & 2 loaves in their hands
They say “we are Shibli & Junaid in one”
Shiblis are not famed as saints in Karkhi


P 415

The folk by the name of "Old o' the cloak" who designed are,
Who a-stand in the street, with one or two loaves, still to find are,
"Junéids are we all and Shiblis," quoth they; and for certain,
By Maroúf, they no saints, but rather of wild-beast-whelp kind are.

Th 846

Those known alike to old and young by name,
In streets who beg for bread and water, claim
"Shiblis are we and all of us Junaids!"
No Shiblis they, though known in Karkh to fame.

Wh 220

Those hypocrites, all know so well, who lurk
In streets to beg their bread, and will not work,
Claim to be saints, like Shibli and Junaid,
No Shiblis are they, though well known in Karkh!

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