The sect who cultivate the prayer mat are asses
For the reason that they are held beneath the burden of hypocrisy
And these (are) queerer than all, who under veil of sainthood
Barter away Islam & are worse than Kaffirs


Nic 114

Ceux qui adorent le sèddjadèh sont des ânes, puisqu'ils se mettent de plein gré sous la charge des dévots hypocrites. Ce qu'il y a de plus singulier, c'est que ceux-ici, sous le manteau de la piété, prêchent l'islamisme et sont en réalité pires que des idolâtres.

P 389

Sheer asses yon prayer-carpet tenders of ours ar,
A sort 'neath hypocrisy's burden that cow'rs are:
And what's strangest of all, 'neath the mask of devotion,
Though Islam they preach, yet they worse than the Giaours are.

Th 620

They are but fools who worship mats for prayer,
Since they Hypocrisy's hard burden bear,
And strangest Islam they sell and are worse
Than heathen, since Devotion's mask they wear.

Wh 143

They who of prayer-mats make such great display,
Are fools to bear hypocrisy's hard sway;
Strange! under cover of this saintly show
They live like heathen, and their faith betray.

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