If you offer up wine to a mountain it will dance
Imbecile is he who abuses wine
What abstinence do you order me to make from wine
It is a spirit that can educate (these) bodies (of ours)


Chr 100

If thou sprinklest wine on the mountain, it dances. A
defective man is he who is deficient in wine.
Why dost thou command me to repent of wine ? Wine
is that spirit which brings out personality.

Nic 170

Une montagne elle-même danserait de joie si tu l'abreuvais de vin. Il n'y a qu'un insensé qui puisse mépriser la coupe. Tu oses m'ordonner de renoncer à ce jus de la treille! Sache donc que le vin est une âme qui perfectionne l'homme.

P 378

Wine, poured on a mountain, to dance its soul maketh;
None but fools small account of the brimming bowl maketh:
Nay, how wilt thou have me leave winebibbing, seeing
That wine is a soul, which the body whole maketh?

Th 235

Wine pour, to dance a mountain 'twould incline;
Lacking indeed is he who lacketh wine;
It is a soul to animate this frame;
How would you bid me then the cup decline?

Wh 186

A draught of wine would make a mountain dance,
Base is the churl who looks at wine askance;
Wine is a soul our bodies to inspire,
A truce to this vain talk of temperance!

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