The body that may be made the offshoot of my life
And the bodies that may be expanded from one another
If after that they make a flagon of my clay
The moment that they fill it with wine it may live again


F4 89

"Well," murmur'd one, "Let whoso make or buy,
"My Clay with long Oblivion is gone dry:
"But fill me with the old familiar Juice
"Methinks I might recover by and by."

HA 89a

At that moment when the plant of my existence shall be rooted up,
And its branches scattered in all directions;
If then they make a flagon of my clay.
When they fill it with wine it will live again.

Nic 115

Lorsque l'arbre de mon existence sera déraciné, lorsque mes membres seront dispersés, que l'on fera des cruches de ma poussière et que l'on remplira ces cruches de vin, alors cette poussière revivra (par le vin qu'elle contiendra).

P 388

When the plant of my life's uprooted and slain become
And the parts of my frame forscattered must fain become,
Of my clay if a gugglet ye fashion, it will forthright,
With wine when ye fill it, alive again become.

Th 673

When all uprooted is my being’s tree,
And scattered wide become the parts of me,
If then they make a flagon of my clay,
When filled with wine alive at once 't will be.

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