For no one is there a way behind the curtain of Destiny
No one is aware of the Secret of Fate
Every one tells news of the road of wisdom
Nothing is known, & the story is not shortened.


F4 32

There was the Door to which I found no Key;
There was the Veil through which I might not see:
some little talk awhile of ME and THEE
There was--and then no more of THEE and ME.

HA 32c

No one can pass behind the Curtain of Fate
No one is master of the Secret of Destiny.

Nic 177

Personne n'a eu accès derrière le rideau du destin; personne n'a eu connaissance des secrets de la Providence. Durant soixante et douze ans j'ai jour et nuit réfléchi; je n'ai pourtant rien appris, et l'énigme est restée inexpliquée.

P 346

Past Destiny's curtain admitted to fare is none;
Of the hidden secrets of Heaven avvare is none:
Somewhat, by way of conjecture, each sayeth; but nought
Is known and of all the myst'ries solved there is none.

Th 20

Destiny's curtain none can penetrate,
Nor learn the hidden mysteries of Fate,
Seventy-two years I 've pondered day and night,
Nor solve aught—long the tale were to relate!

Wh 192

What eye can pierce the veil of God's decrees,
Or read the riddle of earth's destinies?
Pondered have I for years threescore and ten,
But still am baffled by these mysteries.

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