If one loaf in two days be man’s allotted portion
And a drop of cold water out of a broken jug
Why must you be ordered by some one else
Or why must one do the service of an equal.


F4 11

With me along the strip of Herbage strown
That just divides the desert from the sown,
Where name of Slave and Sultan is forgot--
And Peace to Mahmúd on his golden Throne!

Nic 462

Pourquoi un homme qui possède un pain lui permettant de vivre deux jours, qui dans une cruche fêlée peut puiser une goutte d'eau fraîche, pourquoi un tel homme doit-il être commandé par un autre qui ne le vaut pas, ou pourquoi en servirait-il un qui serait son égal?

P 347

If one in two days a loaf of dry bread can gain
And a draught from a broken gugglet of water plain,
Commanded of one like himself what booteth him be?
And why he should serve another I ask in vain.

Th 256

If in two days a loaf of bread one gain.
And water from a broken jar can drain.
Why take commands of one less than yourself?|
Or why to serve one like yourself remain?

Wh 207

Sooner with half a loaf contented be,
And water from a broken crock, like me,
Than lord it over one poor fellow man,
Or to another bow the vassal knee.

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