My whole nature is kindred to cheeks like the rose
My hand is always joined to the cup of wine
I exact from every part (of me) its own function
Ere that those parts (of me) shall be mixed with the clay.


Chr 99

My soul cleaves to a face like the rose; my hand cleaves
to the wine-cup.
Of all the parts [of the totality] I will take my share,
before the parts shall be merged in the totality.

HA 111

My whole mood is in sympathy with rosy cheeks,
My hand is always grasping the wine cup ;
I exact from every part (of me) its allotted function.
Ere that those parts (of me) be mingled with the all. 

Nic 163

Tout mon être est attiré par la vue des beaux visages aut teint coloré de la rose; ma main se plaît à saisir la coupe de vin. Oh, je veux jouir de la part qui revient à chacun de mes membres, avant que ces mêmes membres soient rentrés dans leur tout!

P 349

With a rose-faced fair my very soul conjoined is;
My hand with the flask and the brimming bowl conjoined is:
Yea, every part of my lot on earth I'll joy in,
Ere my every part with the One Great Whole conjoined is.

Th 625

To rose-faced fair inclines my very soul,
My hand grasps constantly the brimming bowl,
With every part my lot I will enjoy
Before my parts seek union in the Whole.

Wh 181

I worship rose-red cheeks with heart and soul,
I suffer not my hand to quit the bowl,
I make each part of me his function do,
Or e'er my parts be swallowed in the Whole.

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