They say that the moon of Ramazan returns clear
Hereafter in the assembly the wine cannot circulate
At the end of Sha’ban I will drink so much wine
That during Ramazan I may be found drunk till the festival.


HA 82b, 83b, 87b

They say that the moon of Ramazán shines out again
Henceforth one cannot linger over the wine ;
At the end of Sha'ban I will drink so much wine
That during Ramazán I may be found drunk until the festival (arrives).

Nic 172

On nous annonce, que la lune de rèmèzan va apparaître et qu'il ne faut plus penser au vin. C'est bien, mais alors je veux, à la fin de celle de chè'èban, en boire une quantité telle que je puisse demeurer ivre jusqu'au jour de la fête.

P 351

The moon of Ramazan, they say, hath been espied,
Whereafter without wine a month behoveth bide:
year, such floods of wine I'll drink in late Shebán
That drunk I shall remain until the Feast betide.

Th 236

They 've seen the moon of Ramazan, they say;
Then for a month from drink I 'll turn away;
At next Sha'ban's end so much wine I 'll pour
That drunk they 'll find me till the Festal day!

Wh 188

The moon of Ramadan is risen, see!
Alas, our wine must henceforth banished be;
Well! on Sha'bán's last day I'll drink enough
To keep me drunk till Bairam's jubilee.

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