When they mixed my mould
They produced 100 wonders from me
I cannot be better than this
That as they poired me out of the crucible.


F4 79

What! from his helpless Creature be repaid
Pure Gold for what he lent him dross-allay'd---
Sue for a Debt he never did contract,
And cannot answer--Oh the sorry trade!

HA 79

When they mixed the earth of my shaping-mould,
They produced an hundred wonders from me;
I cannot be better than I am,
For this is how I was turned out of the crucible.

P 354

Since my clay in the mould first kneaded about have THEY
And after commixed with trouble and doubt have THEY,
God wotteth I cannot be better than that which I am,
For me on this wise from the cruzet poured out have THEY.

Th 268

When in the mould my clay They mixed of old,
With it They mingled evils manifold;
Better than this I am I cannot be,
For as I am They poured me in the mould.

Wh 221

When the great Founder molded me of old,
He mixed much baser metal with my gold;
Better or fairer I can never be
Than I first issued from his heavenly mold.

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