I drink wine, & everyone drinks who, like me, is worthy of it
My wine drinking is but a small thing to Him
God knows from earliest eternity that I should drink wine
If I do not drink wine, God’s knowledge was ignorance.


Bodl 75

I drink wine, and every one drinks who like me is worthy of it;
my wine-drinking is but a small thing to Him;
God knew, on the Day of Creation, that I should drink wine;
if I do not drink wine, God's knowledge was ignorance.

F4 61

Why, be this Juice the growth of God, who dare
Blaspheme the twisted tendril as a Snare?
A Blessing, we should use it, should we not?
And if a Curse--why, then, Who set it there?

HA 79

When they mixed the earth of my shaping-mould,
They produced an hundred wonders from me;
I cannot be better than I am,
For this is how I was turned out of the crucible.

Nic 182

Oui, je bois du vin, et quiconque comme moi est clairvoyant trouvera que cet acte est insignifiant aux yeux de la Divinité. De toute éternité Dieu a su que je boirais du vin. Si je n'en buvais pas, sa prescience serait pure ignorance.

P 355

Wine I drink and like me who a child of the light is,
His drinking of wine but a straw in God's sight is:
From Eternity God my winebibbing foreknoweth:
If I drink not, His prescience made ign'rance outright is.

Th 21

I drink my wine, for men like me of sense
In God's sight 'tis of little consequence;
He knew it at the first, if I drink not
Sheer ignorance would be God's prescience!

Wh 197

True I drink wine, like every man of sense,
For I know Allah will not take offense;
Before time was, He know that I should drink,
And who am I to thwart His prescience?

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