Every night my intellect is full of amazement
And from my weeping my bosom is sprinkled with pearls
From this traffic, the cup of my skull is not full of wine
No cup that is upside down can remain full.


Nic 184

Il est des ignorants qui n'ont jamais passé une nuit à la recherche de la vérité, qui n'ont jamais fait un pas en dehors d'eux-mêmes, qui se montrent revêtus d'habits de grands seigneurs et qui seplaisent à dénigrer ceux dont la conduite est irréprochable.

P 270

How many a night in research ne'er spent yet! How many!
How many outside themselves foot never set! How many!
How many a churl in fine raiment doth jet! How many!
How many fair fame with backbiting beset! How many!

Th 628

How many in research a night till morn
Ne'er toiled! How manv a fool fine clothes adorn!
How many ne'er set foot beyond themselves!
How many a reputation soiled and torn!

Wh 199

These fools have never burnt the midnight oil
In deep research, nor do they ever toil
To step beyond themselves, but dress them fine,
And plot of credit others to despoil.

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