Happy hearted is he who is not celebrated
He is not in cuirass or cloak or woolen robe
Like the Simurgh roost upon the throne
Do not be like an owl in a ironed corner of the world.


Nic 140

Heureux le cœur de celui qui a passé inconnu, qui n'a revêtu ni djubbeh, ni dérvèh, ni souf, qui, semblable au simourg, s'est élevé dans les cieux, au lieu de se complaire comme le hibou parmi les ruines de ce monde.

P 361

O happy the lot of that man who unknown hath been,
Who in silk clad nor wool nor cuirass nor zone hath been!
Whose flight, like Simürgh, to the Heaven of the Throne hath been
Nor, owl-like, content in earth's ruins to moan hath been.

Th 621

Happy the man who hath been all unknown,
Nor corslet, mail, nor woolen garb doth own,
And who haunts not earth's ruins like an owl,
But like Simurgh to highest Heaven hath flown.

Wh 163

Glad hearts, who seek not notoriety,
Nor flaunt in gold and silken bravery,
Haunt not this ruined earth like gloomy owls,
But wing their way, Simurgh-like, to the sky.

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