Be happy for there will be passing souls
In heaven there will be the congregation of the stars
The brick which they will strike from your body
Will be the parapet of the palace of others


Nic 138

Livre-toi à la gaieté, car le chagrin sera infini. Les étoiles se réuniront, encore sur un même point du firmament, et les briques que l'on fera de ton corps serviront à construire des palais pour d'autres.

P 332

Be of good cheer, for Time unbounded will be;
Yon star-spangled sphere above still rounded will be;
Yea, bricks of thy clay ere long they'll fashion, whereon
The walls of the dwellings of others founded will be.

Th 216

Since Time will have no bounds, be of good cheer,
The stars will spangle still the Heavenly Sphere;
With bricks that from your body they will mould
Walls of another's dwelling, men will rear.

Wh 162

Take heart! Long in the weary tomb you'll lie,
While stars keep countless watches in the sky,
And see your ashes molded into bricks,
To build another's house and turrets high.

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