Since affairs will not turn out as I wish them
What profits me my anxiety & strife
I remain continually in (little ?) amazement about it
I came so late & I go so soon


Nic 41

Puisque les choses ne doivent pas se passer suivant nos désirs, à quoi servent nos desseins et nos efforts? Nous sommes constamment à nous tourmenter et à nous dire en soupirant de regret: Ah! nous sommes arrivés trop tard, trop tôt il nous faudra partir!

P 257

Since nothing will go to the wish of our heart,
What boots all this stress and concern on our part?
Still hindered are we by this thought of regret,
That too late have we come and too soon must depart.

Th 86

Since Life's affairs move not to our desire.
Of what avail our efforts, pray inquire.
Here sit we haunted by regret for this.
We came so late, and must so soon expire.

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