One draught of wine is worth the kingdom of the world
The tile covering the jar is worth 100 souls
That old (rag) with which they purify the lip from wine
Truly it is worth 1000 turban sashes.


Nic 191

Une gorgée de vin vaut l'empire du monde entier; la brique qui couvre la jarre vaut mille existences. Le linge avec lequel on s'essuie les lèvres humectées de vin vaut, en vérité, mille téilessans.

P 406

Each swallow of wine the world, near and far, well worth is;
A thousand dear lives the lid of the jar well worth is:
The skirt-hem, wherewith the wine from the lips one wipeth,
A thousand such wedes as the preacher's cymár well worth is.

Th 47

One wine draught to earth's kingdom doth compare
And to a thousand lives, the lid of jar!
The cloth with which one wipes wine from the lips
Is worth the scarfs a thousand preachers wear!

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