A wine drinker if he is rich becomes poor
And from his quarrelsomeness the world is full of strife
I will cast into my ruby hookah some of that emerald
So that the basilisk eyes of sorrows may become blind


Nic 183

Le buveur, s'il est riche, se ruine. Les désordres de son ivresse provoquent du scandale dans le monde. Je mettrai donc de cette émeraude (hachich) dans mon gobelet de rubis balai (calian), afin d'aveugler le serpent de mes chagrins.

P 335

The toper, though rich, in the end poor and bare is;
The world with the din of his riot a-scare is.
Yon emerald I'll pour in the casket of ruby
Till blinded the eye of the asp of my care is.

Th 627

Though rich, the toper comes to poverty,
And stirs the world by his debauchery.
That emerald in my ruby bowl I 'll pour
That I may wholly blind Care's serpent eye.

Wh 198

Rich men, who take to drink, the world defy
With shameless riot, and as beggars die;
Place in my ruby pipe some emerald hemp,
'Twill do as well to blind care's serpent eye.

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