Tomorrow I shall travel the milestones that separate (us)
Fortune favoring me, I have this intention
The time is propitious & the loved one is willing
If I am not happy now, when shall I be ?


Nic 166

Demain, j aurai franchi le mont qui nous sépare, et avec un bonheur indicible je prendrai la coupe en main. Ma maîtresse m'est favorable, le temps m'est propice; si je ne m'empresse de jouir dans un tel moment, quand donc jouirai-je?

P 337

The Standard of sev'rance, to-morrow furled will it be:
At the wine, with good auspice, to-morrow birled will it be:
Belovèd consenting and Fortune good-humoured, to-day
If merry I make not, say, when in the world will it be?

Th 450

The veil that parts us I will roll away
To-morrow, and with good luck, wine essay;
The time agrees and the beloved consents,
If I rejoice not now, when shall I, pray?

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