In the world whoever has half a loaf
Or in a palace finds no repose
Is not the servant of any or the master of any
Say ! live happy for the world contains happiness


F4 11

With me along the strip of Herbage strown
That just divides the desert from the sown,
Where name of Slave and Sultan is forgot--
And Peace to Mahmúd on his golden Throne!

Nic 146

En ce monde, celui qui possède la moitié d'un pain et qui peut abriter son individu dans un nid quelconque, celui qui n'est ni le maître, ni le serviteur de personne, dis-lui de vivre content, car il possède une bien douce existence.

P 277

Whoso in these days but a half-loaf of bread hath
And a doorway or threshold for session and bed hath,
Who of none's either servant or served, bid live merry,
For the chief of the world's good the wight, when all 's said, hath.

Th 220

Whoso is now of half a loaf possest.
Himself to shelter hath a little nest,
Who slaves for none nor is by any served,
Let him be glad for he hath this world's best.

Wh 168

Let him rejoice who has a loaf of bread,
A little nest wherein to lay his head,
Is slave to none, and no man slaves for him, -
In truth his lot is wondrous well bested.

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