I hopefully abandoned my lot to the winds
Not one happy day came from my lot itself
thence I fear that Fate will not give to me
As much justice as I exact from Fate.


Nic 143

Bercé d'un vain espoir, j'ai jeté au vent une partie de mon existence, et cela sans avoir connu ici-bas un seul jour de bonheur. Ce que je crains maintenant, c'est que le temps ne m'empêche de saisir l'occasion de me dédommager du passé.

P 322

Hope-befooled, to the winds I have given Life's season
Nor of Time one glad day have I had ; for which reason
I fear me lest Fate, of its spite, time deny me
Enough that my wreak I may take of Time's treason.

Th 218

In hope a lifetime to the winds I gave.
Nor one glad day of that time did I have;
From which I fear lest Fate give not enough
Of time to take the justice that I crave.

Wh 166

I wasted life in hope, yet gathered not
In all my life of happiness one jot;
Now my fear is that life may not endure,
Till I have taken vengeance on my lot!

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