Never for one day did heaven give means for my affairs
But that day the power of my 100 sorrows did not relax.
Never for a moment have I found joy from the secret
Never did it give me fame from pleasant wine


Nic 193

Pas une seule fois la roue des cieux ne m'a été propice, jamais un seul instant elle ne m'a fait entendre une douce voix, pas un seul jour je n'ai respiré une seconde de bonheur, sans que ce jour-là même elle ne m'ait replongé dans un abîme de chagrins.

P 323

Not once hath Heaven my heart's need done me;
Not once hath Fortune a good deed done me,
Nor once hath suffered me draw a breath in gladness
But, ere it was night, a thousand spites she'd done me.

Th 255

Not once has Heaven been kind in my affairs,
Nor in my favor with sweet voice declares.
No day breathe I in joy that I 'm not given
Into the clutches of a hundred Cares.

Wh 206

For me heaven's sphere no music ever made,
Nor yet with soothing voice my fears allayed;
If e'er I found brief respite from my woes,
Back to woe's thrall I was at once betrayed.

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