Since there is no profit from learning in this world
Except the unlearned (people) do not eat the fruits of the world
That being so bring forth that wisdom, (or) remove it
So that the world may look in our direction


P 338

Since in this age for reason nor profit is nor place
And none save those who lack it can boast of Fortune's grace,
Bring forth, then, of that liquor which reason doth efface,
So Fortune shall to-us-ward belike incline her face.

Th 271

Since in this age from wisdom is no gain
And save the thoughtless none Life's wine-cup drain,
Bring forth that juice which reason doth efface,
So Fortune us to favor will be fain.

Wh 224

Small gains to learning on this earth accrue,
They pluck life's fruitage, learning who eschew;
Take pattern by the fools who learning shun,
And then perchance shall fortune smile on you.

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