May the tavern be continually cheerful with drunkards
May fire be in the skirts of the devout zealots
That dervish robe in 100 pieces, & that blue wool (habit)
May they be fallen beneath the feet of the drug drinkers


Nic 131

Puisse la taverne être toujours animée par la présence des buveurs, puisse le feu prendre au pan de la sainte robe des dévots, puisse leur froc tomber en lambeaux, puisse leur vêtement de laine bleue être foulé aux pieds des buveurs!

P 339

The tavern repeopled with winebibbers lét be
And fire to the skirt of the pietists sét be!
Yon hundred-patch coat' and yon gown of blue wool,
Neath the feet of the dreg-drainers cast may they yét be!

Th 211

With revellers joyous be the hostelry.
And burnt the pious skirt of devotee;
That hundred-patch coat and blue woolen robe
'Neath feet of dreg-drainers still fallen be!

Wh 157

Still be the wine-house thronged with its glad choir,
And Pharisaic skirts burnt up with fire;
Still be those tattered frocks and azure robes
Trod under feet of revelers in the mire.

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