This oppressive sky of lofty fabric
Has never unravelled the knot of any bad man
Whenever it sees a heart that is scarred
It places another scar on the top of the first.


Nic 127

Cette Roue de si haute structure, dont le métier est d'exercer la tyrannie, n'a jamais dénoué pour personne nœud d'aucune difficulté. Partout où elle a entrevu un cœur ulcéré, elle est venue y ajouter plaie sur plaie.

P 258

Yon sphere oppression-using, faith-and-foundationless,
There never yet was mortal it lightened of his stress:
Nay, unto whom it spieth, that hath a wound at heart,
Another wound it addeth for very wantonness.

Th 201

Oppressive from the first this wheel on high
Will ne'er for any one his knot untie,
Where'er a wounded heart it doth espy,
To add another wound it straight doth try.

Wh 154

The wheel on high, still busied with despite,
Will ne'er unloose a wretch from his sad plight;
But when it lights upon a smitten heart,
Straightway essays another blow to smite.

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