I will give you news of your condition
And I will do that with two small letters
In love of you I shall sink beneath the earth
By your love my head will rise from the earth


P 260

Yon sphere oppression-using, faith-and-foundationless,
There never yet was mortal it lightened of his stress:
Nay, unto whom it spieth, that hath a wound at heart,
Another wound it addeth for very wantonness.

Th 277

My attitude toward Thee I would make plain,
And that I will abridge in verses twain:
"For love of Thee in dust I 'll lay my head,
That with Thy love I may arise again."

Wh 230

My true condition I may thus explain
In two short verses which the whole contain:
"From love to Thee I now lay down my life,
In hope Thy love will raise me up again."

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