The tenants of the tomb are dispersed into earth & dust
Every atom has separated itself from the others
Alas ! they are like unto vapour, which until the last day
Are senseless & unconscious of everything.


Nic 198

Voici l'aurore, léve-toi, ô jeune homme imberbe, et remplis vite de ce vin en rubis la coupe de cristal, car (plus tard) tu pourras chercher longtemps, sans jamais le retrouver, ce moment d'existence qu'on nous prête dans ce monde de néant.

P 435

Yon folk of the tombs are dwindled to dust and clay;
Each atom of them from atom hath fallen away:
Oh, what is this potion whereof having drunken, they
Are senseless and witless become till the Reckoning Day?

Th 285

Yon dwellers in the tombs are dust and clay.
Escaped from self, of all things witless they;
Their every atom scattered, wide, alas!
What a mirage they make till Judgment Day!

Wh 242

The tenants of the tombs to dust decay,
Nescient of self, and all beside are they;
Their sundered atoms float about the world,
Like mirage clouds, until the judgment-day.

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