I am not the man to dread my non-existence,
for that half seems pleasanter to me than this half;
this is a life which God has lent me,
I will surrender it when the time of surrender comes.


P 259

I'm none to whom the thought of death a fear is;
More welcome it to me than life lack-cheer is:
Life 's but a loan from God to me, which gladly
I'll render, when the time to render here is.

Th 261

I 'm not the man whom death doth fill with fear,
That half than this to me hath more of cheer;
To me life is a loan that God hath made.
And I 'l1 repay it when the time is here.

Wh 213

I am not one whom Death doth much dismay,
Life's terrors all Death's terrors far outweigh;
This life, that Heaven hath lent me for a while,
I will pay back, when it is time to pay.

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