With the rabble rough mannered & without wit or decorum
Beware not to drink wine for it will cause trouble
Intoxication & contention & uproar in the night of pleasure
(And) it will want headache & excuses on the day of after-effects.


Nic 206

Garde-toi de boire du vin en compagnie d'un rustre à violent caractère, n'ayant ni esprit ni tenue, car cela ne saurait produire que désagréments. Durant la nuit, tu aurais à subir les désordres de son ivresse, ses vociférations, ses folies. Le lendemain de cette ivresse, ses prières d'excuse  et de pardon viendraient t'endolorir la tête.

P 419

With a churl that lacks wit and good-breeding beware
Lest thou drink, or annoy for thyself thou 'It prepare;
Thou his brawling and riot, the night of liesse,
And next day, his repentance and headache must bear.

Th 291

With churl ill-bred and stupid best beware
You drink not, for he'll bring a deal of care;
The night ofjoy, noise, drinking, brawl, next day
His headaches and excuses you will bear.

Wh 248

Take care you never hold a drinking bout
With an ill tempered, ill conditioned lout;
He'll make a vile disturbance all night long,
And vile apologies next day, no doubt.

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